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Accelerate marketing activity and fuel your digital transformation.

If your brokerage uses INSIGHT, we can now utilise customer data within your Hubspot CRM and Marketing Hub to automate marketing operations and processes.

Marketing campaigns and strategies would have limited success without marketing operations processes happening behind the scenes. From running lead generation campaigns to communicating with customers to generating data reports, these processes—and the tools they require—allow your marketing channels to succeed.


Fuel your digital transformation


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Create workflows and marketing automation with a little 'insight' from INSIGHT

Our INSIGHT HubSpot integration pulls specific data from your customer records (in INSIGHT) and creates or updates a customer contact record in your HubSpot portal. This opens up the opportunity to engage with your existing customers in ways not previously possible. Here are a few ideas on how we can introduce workflows and marketing automation. 


Instant Response to new leads

If a customer engages on your website, get a reply to them immediately via email or SMS. People expect a swift reply, leave your reply 24-48 hours and you probably shouldn't bother...


Track customer interaction and satisfaction

Storing customer info from INSIGHT in your CRM helps paint a better picture of their experience with your business to be used by your team.


Thank you SMS

Mark an invoice as paid in INSIGHT > triggers an SMS workflow in HubSpot with a thank you message. It's a nice touchpoint and confirmation for the customer. Could be restricted to certain types of customers.


New client welcome email

When you add a new client to INSIGHT, this will auto-create a new contact record in HubSpot, and trigger the Welcome Email with your message, FSG, Privacy policy etc. All tracked so you have a record of delivery.



Of course, the work isn't done once you've acquired a customer. Automation can help you manage timely messages with customers after they've made a purchase, whether it's a simple transactional email or enrolling them in a post-purchase nurture series. 


Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is a critical part of any marketing strategy because you want to speak with potential and existing customers at the right moment to influence a purchasing decision. Using the Risk Category from INSIGHT is a great opportunity to communicate with specific customers.


Personalise campaigns

Create and deliver marketing campaigns based on the type of customer and the risk category of their current policies.


Build your Google Reviews

Trigger an SMS requesting a Google review when you have had a positive interaction with a customer. managed with Message Media add-on and template SMS's directly from HubSpot


Lost Clients

What about those people who didn't renew their policy, you still have the date they will be renewing their policy with someone else, so why not reach out to them to see if they want to come back? Follow up with them after 9 months to see if they would consider a new policy review.


Customer Onboarding

Onboarding process so not just the first welcome email, but an entire introduction series for new clients, initially that could be quite general, but eventually you may be able to do this around each policy type. This onboarding would then lead into a longer term nurture driving them to add on additional policies.